StarChem USA

Boutique Chemical Supplier

StarChem USA Maintains International Offices in FIVE Key Markets of the Chemical Industry:

Nanjing, China

Mumbai, India

Mexico City, Mexico

Taipei, Taiwan

Buenos Aires, Argentina

StarChem’s International Offices

Our FIVE StarChem USA International offices are the key to StarChem USA maintaining a competitive advantage for our customer base by combining the advantages of global economics with the reliability, effectiveness and transparency of local On-The-Ground sourcing.

Our mission is not to be the largest but to be the world’s BEST distributor of specialty raw materials and chemicals. Our expertise is sourcing difficult to find or manage products and deliver them on time and on budget to our customers across the globe.

Industry Partners

Contact us to arrange a meeting at any of the above organizations we actively are in involved in.

StarChem USA is a proud sponsor of soldiers in the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine who are on the frontlines defending their homeland.